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30 Supermax Razor Blade Fit Gillette Trac II Plus Schick Super 2 Shaver

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Brand New one Classic Style Supermax II Razor + 25 Refill Cartridges.
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Brand New one Classic Style Supermax II Razor comes with 5 Twin Non Lubricant Blades Plus Five 5 pack of 5 Refills, total 30 Refills and one Razor Handle. Super II Razor fits all Gillette Trac II or Trac II Plus Refills or Cartridges. Heavy Duty Razor has Metal & Rubber Handle and same quality of Gillette Trac II Razors. This Razor is much better than china mfg  Razor OR good quality like original Trac II Razor. When buy any Razor handle  Outside of USA and if there is problem in the Razor, it will cost you $48 to ship back to the seller.  Item will come as shown in the picture.

Super-Max is the 2nd Largest manufacturer of Razor Blades and Razor Blade units in the world. Only company to have a captive quality steel making plant using British, Swedish and Japanese steel, thus ensuring the finest quality finished products.

It Fits:
·       Gillette Trac II & Plus Razor blades
·       Schick Super II & Plus Razor blades
·       Wilkinson Super II Razor blades
·       Gallant II Razor blades
·       Supermax II Razor blades
·       Personna II Razor blades
·       Any Sliding like Trac II Style Razor blades

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